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Wedding cake customization advantages and disadvantages PK

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Advantages: large brands have sufficient quality assurance

Disadvantages: limited range of styles, the lack of a certain degree of creativity and expensive

Now the market a lot of cake brands, many brands have a series of wedding products in the series. Comparison by the new recognition of the Yuan Zu, Yi Chi more, can Chung Square, Marco Polo, 85 degrees C and so on. To the brand cake shop to buy wedding cake, to meet part of the brand loyalty to the needs of new people. At the same time as the brand cake shop for product quality is very important, so the quality and taste of wedding cake have a certain guarantee, but the style and price will be based on different brand positioning and different.

Brand cake shop custom

Advantages: large brands have sufficient quality assurance

Disadvantages: limited range of styles, the lack of a certain degree Replica Cartier jewelry of creativity and expensive

Now the market a lot of cake brands, many brands have a series of wedding products in the series. Comparison by the new recognition of the Yuan Zu, Yi Chi more, can Chung Square, Marco Polo, 85 degrees C and so on. To the brand cake shop to buy wedding cake, to meet part of the brand loyalty to the needs of new people. At the same time as the brand cake shop for product quality is very important, so the quality and taste of wedding cake have a certain guarantee, but the style and price will be based on different brand positioning and different.

Online customization

Advantages: high creativity, cheap, and easy to shop around

Disadvantages: online shopping there is a certain risk, and the transport process is also prone to certain problems

From the shop for wedding cake customization is the biggest advantage is easy to shop around, diverse styles of arbitrary choice. But also the existence of defects, the first is to choose a high degree of credibility of the store, the best physical store to field visits; the other because of the particularity of the cake, the transport links should also be special and store communication confirmation, so as to avoid flaws.

Wedding hotel gift

Advantages: save money and effort, but also to ensure the quality of wedding cake

Disadvantages: style selection range is more narrow, creativity is not enough

Now a lot of wedding venues have presented a wedding cake service, this advantage is able to save the cost of custom wedding cake, but also save new time. But the lack of the United States is the wedding hotel free wedding cake can choose a limited style, and sometimes can not be a good performance of the wedding theme and new ideas. And sometimes the wedding hotel provides wedding cake rituals far more practical, can only be used for “cut cake” links, and can not really eat, new people if you want to let the guests eat the cake, may also need another way to solve.

Marriage is a lifetime event, each pair of new people are really looking forward to a grand and warm atmosphere, step on the other side of the red carpet. Spend a little more imagination and ingenuity, you can have a romantic and unforgettable wedding. The perfect wedding arrangement is when the guests come to the wedding scene is felt by the new people to express the atmosphere and feeling, and to achieve this atmosphere and feel the key lies in the overall planning and details of the pursuit.

1, the choice of venues

The form of the wedding to determine the choice of wedding venues, romantic travel marriage, the atmosphere of the hotel ceremony, fresh lawn wedding and sacred church wedding … … choose a wedding style you can accept, and then book a wedding for your most site. Spacious wedding venue with a fresh atmosphere of the atmosphere, giving a sense of natural pleasure.

Wedding venue is the stage of the wedding, involving the background layout, items placement, lighting sound, banquet services and many other matters, but also the most vulnerable to a problem. Most of the time, new people only have the opportunity to arrange the venue one day before the wedding, so the uncertainty is very high. In order to ensure that everything can be held, the early communication and preparation is very important.

Traditional indoor wedding, whether in the Western or Western, are the most new favorite, and the indoor wedding can be more and fancy arrangement. The layout of the wedding venue is often inseparable from the flowers, veil, cloth, light, pictures, candlesticks, romantic bubbles, ribbons and balloons, etc., make good use of these materials, you can create a fairyland fairy tale, but also create A highly artistic art of the gallery, can create a perfect little paradise.

2, stage background

Stage is the most concentrated place on the wedding scene, the stage background is also the focus of the scene layout, it can not be too monotonous, highlights the new style; can not be arranged too fancy, grabbed the thunder of new people. Usually the background needs a background gauze, add a new person’s own LOGO or hang a happy wedding LOGO card on the gauze, the appropriate flower embellishment will be active in the background of the atmosphere, increase the details of the highlights. If you do not design your own LOGO, you can use two background style or five-door to do embellishment. If you decide to do an outdoor wedding, exquisite four corners of the booth should be the best choice.

The stage of the proposed design of a few recommended a few key projects, so focused, not for a comprehensive, but exquisite. Practical experience tells us: when the wedding scene decoration is too complicated, the scene will appear very messy, when the new people came to the stage when the overall gives a feeling of instability, new people will become an element of instability, so give The guest’s feeling is naturally disorganized, so the stage needs to have a clear plan on the process to design. Indoor wedding main stage, cool colors, or tones contrasting floral decoration can be a good blend of indoor lighting, in the performance of elegant temperament at the same time have a visual appeal.

3, entrance

Let people do not enter the wedding venue, will be able to feel the atmosphere of the wedding, they have to spend some effort at the entrance, round arches, is indispensable, and a group of neatly arranged style style, like a Very disciplined soldiers and guests salute, and people have a rich and lovely feeling.

1, not wide and narrow channel, plus surrounded by full of flowers, giving a very lively feeling.

2, gold and the main color of the half-moon arches, flowers are used to embellishment, simple to non-noble.

3, wedding venues to provide the entrance has been very unique, but decorated with flowers and balloons, in order to highlight the atmosphere of the wedding. Put one or two of your most proud of the wedding, zoom in the wedding hall entrance, in addition to people envy you two are “Lang talented woman” born a pair, it is important to tell the guests not to go wrong, of course, red envelopes can not send Wrong place.

4, red carpet area

Wedding began to come to the red carpet ceremony, or the new dress again by the red carpet approach, want to plan the red carpet walkway to attract the attention of everyone’s attention area.

A. Placed floor style, exquisite generous;

B. Use balloon design, lively and colorful.

5, welcome area

Welcome area is the wedding to bring the guests the first impression, so not only have the style of unity, there are new highlights of the new cut. Wedding flowers, especially in the welcome area can be ingenuity, regardless of the glass, rattan, pot-shaped, spherical, columnar, from the dignified and elegant large floral, to the fresh wild taste of the comedy, with different site conditions , Can achieve different visual effects. Yingbin card is a more important element, its role is to guide guests to the banquet hall. In addition to the welcome card on some of the flowers will have the icing on the cake of the wonderful role.

6, stairs

Walking on the stairs, whether it is from the high and down, or from the bottom up, often give a very strange feeling, both sides of the very unique layout, it is easy to give a sense of integration into one, not Small wedding venues, will have a very unique stairs, may wish to make good use of these stairs, according to their desired characteristics of the layout. 1, warm light purple coupled with the music of the stairs, next to add little flowers, just like a happy road. 2, light purple tulle, plus a special flower ball, leading guests into your carefully created scenery.

7, flower door

Flowers are arranged inseparable from the flowers, silk and balloons these three types, the purpose is to add more than one color for the venue! Flowers are an important complement to the wedding, is often used to decorate the arches, love corridors, escalators, Watchtower, and even on the table there are beautiful table flowers, so that guests in a romantic atmosphere to enjoy the meal. General wedding will use more flowers and roses, mostly lily, color is light pink-based, or colorful red. Now there are many new people try to white flowers to decorate the wedding venue, get a high rating.

The flower door should be placed at the entrance of the ceremony. Usually the bride’s father will hand the bride’s hand to the groom in front of the flower. Carrying the father’s exhortations, the bride and groom holding the bride from the flower door to their own wedding hall. The unique design of the flower door will make this ceremony unique, flower door, balloon flowers, silk flower door … … you can according to the wedding venue atmosphere and their own preferences to choose a unique flower door. This year, the flower door by more and more new people of all ages, fresh fragrance and tender and beautiful flowers that heralded pure love, and for the entire wedding scene to bring fresh and bright air, the pursuit of romantic perfect you may wish to choose flowers The

As the balloon is rich in color, modeling interesting and changeable, has recently become a popular wedding venue layout props. And its price economy, after the end of the wedding guests can also take away, can be said to be the guests and guests. In addition to the balloon can be used to decorate the frame, arches, but also with flowers to do the design, but also the balloon cartoon characters made of bridegroom, bride and flower girl’s shape, quite interesting and creative. If the newcomers want to create some climax in the wedding process, but also use the balloon to make a blasting effect.

8, road cited

Road lead and flower door complement each other. Flowers inserted into the road for the new people out of a happy channel. Featured road lead may also be a bright spot on the wedding, smart you can try to try. Chic lead to the happy temple.

9, sign to Taiwan

The check-in desk is for the guests to sign in the place, but also the wedding scene of the first image of the window, the guests will leave the first feeling here, so warm and creative signature station will win you more good impression. Exquisite sign station is like a classic masterpiece of art.

10, photo display area

Do not put your wedding photos at home, the wedding day you should let all the guests to witness your romantic time, set up a photo display area, your wedding sun out, patchwork placed in your own art masterpiece The Momentary memory locked in the photo, the thoughts once again flew to the romantic moment of happiness. If you take a lot of good-looking photos but no way to show you one by one, you can choose to sign a station next to do a photo display area.

11, table flowers

The table flower is the finishing touch on the wedding, it not only highlights the level of the wedding scene, but also allows guests to enjoy the beauty while enjoying the food, so you and your florist to communicate a good wedding style, designed the most suitable Own table flowers. New people to express in the main table elders or guests of the attention, I hope the main table and the table is different, so want to spend more in the main table part of the clever arrangement. The use of table flowers will make the venue feel more refined, so that the overall area of the main table even more noble grand.

A. The main table with a back design, will be more solemn exquisite;

B. The main table to spend a rich design, will make the guests one of the eyes bright, but also to make dining more relaxed atmosphere;

C. A small number of tables of banquet way, you can use table flower design, will increase the overall texture.

12, ritual area

The ritual venue can be selected in the outdoor lawn, courtyard, or the main stage of the wedding scene. In the sun can enjoy the outdoor, floral decorative colors can be as much as possible pink, lively, jumping.

13, wedding room

Wedding room is of course the use of bright colors better, the ceiling of the hall is best to use red gauze to put up the lamp, so when the lights open a little more romantic. New house is best to color, gauze-based, reflecting the romantic, gentle features. Bedroom wall is the best pink, or lavender, reflecting the soft features, the bedroom bed to match the color of the wall. Green with yellow, or pink; purple with white, or powder.

What is the meaning and meaning of the male ring?

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We are online search for the ring will generally come out of the female ring, but there are many boys will wear rings, women’s ring and the appearance of different male ring, the female ring is more delicate, and the male ring more atmosphere. What is the male ring and the meaning of what is it?


Engagement ring and the meaning of the law


Men are no marriage ring, because men are generally to the woman to marry him, and no woman to send men to the wedding ring, even if we now have a lot of bold women to men to marry him, but send wedding rings or rarely heard, up to Is to wear a wedding dress to her boyfriend. So men generally do not propose marriage ring, but the engagement ring, engagement may not be so beautiful marriage, but engagement is also very important. Men’s Replica Cartier jewelry engagement rings are generally worn on the middle finger of the left hand. At the nearest place of the heart, the man’s finger can feel the rhythm of the woman’s heart that is also worn on the left middle finger.


The wedding ring and the meaning of the law


Men’s wedding ring and the meaning of the law, although there is only one, that is, wearing a ring finger on the left hand, whether domestic or foreign, men’s rings are no different, it touches on the difference between women’s wedding rings are foreign men are Wearing the left hand ring finger, and the domestic is the principle of male left female right, so whether the results of domestic and foreign men ring is wearing a ring on the left hand, there is no difference. To say there is a difference, then it is meaning. Foreign respect for equality, and domestic men’s comity.


The other rings are worn and meaning


Men wear a ring on the general more than a thumb, ladies generally do not wear the ring on the thumb, because men wear on the thumb that there will be majesty, and ladies why majestic it? Men will wear the ring on the index finger, see the men wear the ring on the index finger to ask clearly, because not all the shoes on the index finger are like to love, and some men have been married yet Also put the ring on the index finger, not all men in the world are good people, women must see carefully when we look at it. Or else cheated on the bad. There are some men wearing a ring on the little finger, so that the man is a divorce state, do not want to marry or widowed. See such a man to carefully observe, if you think that a man is destined for your life can be bold to pursue, but to pay attention to the way, some men do not like women too bold, you can use a look to tell you Like him, and then look at his attitude just fine.


There is a lot of love and meaning in the male ring, but if you are a woman must carefully ask his situation and then pursue, sometimes the ring will lie.

A person in the minds of a person how many multiple rings, we often say that each other, but who will witness the process of this Yue it. The ring can be said to be the best witness of love in the world today. Even if there is no love came to the popularity of the ring can be said to have been to the point where people know. Today to say that the female ring of the law and meaning it

The law and meaning of the wedding ring


We often say that I have not in your heart, then if it is wearing a ring, then there is not a distance from the heart of it? We are usually in the left hand of the middle finger on the middle finger, the same is true, it is said that if we put the ring on the middle of the middle finger that you are in love, or has been marrying in engagement state. We often say that the wedding ring and engagement ring is actually the same one, when a person marry a successful, wedding ring will be turned into an engagement ring. When we look at our middle finger is not the middle finger is the longest one in the finger, that is, from our heart a recent finger.


The wedding ring and the meaning of the law


Speaking of wedding rings we have to talk about the wedding rings at home and abroad. In foreign women’s wedding rings are generally worn on the left hand, and this method and the man wearing the law is the same, it can explain the equality of foreign men and women, in fact, more for the convenience of labor, wearing the right hand when the words work Easy to make the ring wear. While the domestic generally follow the “male left female right” principle. We have always been the etiquette of China, the male left female right to meet the Chinese attitude towards women, but also on the status of women in a family status. So in the wedding ring where the martial arts wearing a law is not the same, this is different due to differences in Chinese and foreign culture caused.

The other rings are worn and meaning


There is still a lot of wear. When the girls put the ring on the little finger on the time that the woman at this moment is a divorce state or the man died or did not want to get married at all. Like this woman does not marry the situation In fact, there are many today’s society, especially female stars, and some stars for their own career, but also to prove that they do not lose to men. Nova women are forming. There are some eager to love the women will wear the ring on the index finger, if the men see the woman wearing the index finger and men like the lady can rest assured that the pursuit.


There is a lot of love and meaning in the ring, which is mostly due to the influence of a country’s cultural customs. And such a custom and culture for men in the pursuit of women when it can be said to be a very good help.

Pendant what material is good – ruby pendant

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Pendant is a very important kind of jewelry, mainly to pray for peace, calm mind and the role of beauty. So what is the material of the pendant? What is the pendant material? Here to introduce the most popular pendant material, we can understand!

What is the pendant material? Pendant material mainly platinum diamonds, K gold diamond, tourmaline, red stone, amber, pearl, sandalwood, crystal and so on.


Pendant what material is good – ruby pendant

People love ruby pendants, see it as a symbol of love, passion and character, and a symbol of glory. Legend of wearing a ruby pendant will be healthy and lonely, happy love, family harmony. International gem community to ruby pendants as “July birthday stone”, is a noble, love, a symbol of love.


Pendant what material is good – Hetian jade pendant

Hetian jade is absorbed from the moonlight essence, with spirituality, it is said Replica Cartier jewelry that with the human body, the body temperature to adapt to the body can be rich in jade. So Hetian jade pendant is a strong aura.


Pendant what material is good – jade pendant

Jade is the king of jade, but also very spiritual jade, there are a variety of beneficial elements of the human body, the regulation of physical and mental can play a subtle role. Emerald is produced in the world of Buddha holy places in Myanmar, and thus the emerald pendant has its meaning and sanctity, which is conducive to the Buddha’s blessing


Pendant what material is good – crystal pendant

Crystal jewelry more and more people love. Whether the ring, earrings or bracelets, necklaces, have become people wearing fashion jewelry. Plus the energy of the crystal and the magnetic field of spirituality, to ensure peace, bring wealth.


Pendant what material is good – tourmaline pendant

Amber is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, the most suitable for the Buddha spiritual repair, at the same time, with a strong evil evil power, wearing amber ornaments can ward off evil and eliminate strong negative energy, often out of people to protect the best ornaments.


Pendant what material is good – red stone pendant

Red stone can develop heart round, the solution melancholy, help keep the transport, can often bring people happy mood, wake up people’s love needs, make people warm, willing to pay, increase the opportunity to bring love, can increase the opposite sex.


Speaking of pendants, a lot of female friends first reaction is definitely thinking of diamond pendants, diamond pendants is a lot of female friends will be fantastic to the dazzling word, because, to have a beautiful diamond pendant necklace is every woman’s dream. The young little girls always dreamed of the day where a Prince Charming would hang a dazzling diamond pendant on his neck. Pendant shape a lot of different pendant shape meaning is different, then, what is the meaning of the shape of the pendant?

What is the meaning of the shape of the pendant?


1, eight cents: Eight Immortals across the sea were their ability, eight cents Qing Shou. Eight Immortals is Zhang Guolao, Lv Dongbin, Han Xiangzi, He Xiangu, Tie Li Li, Zhong Li, Cao Guoyao, blue mining and. Sometimes with the immortals of the gods instrumental meaning eight cents or eight treasures. Eight kinds of instruments are gourds, fans, fish drums, flower baskets, yin and yang board, flute, lotus, sword.


2, Bodhidharma: often Dharma crossing the river, Dharma cross the sea, Dharma face wall and other shapes. Dharma face nine years of practice, there are “wall nine years into a fruition, wind and fire to the river” argument. Is the ancestor of Chinese Zen. He was the first Indian missionary to China.


3, Buddha: Buddha can bless the peace, meaning blessed (Buddha) accompanied. Often drawn from the belly Maitreya shape, is the embodiment of the relief of trouble. Open the mouth will laugh, laugh the world ridiculous people, belly capacity, capacity of the world difficult things. Laughing Buddha’s tolerance, generosity, can promote their own calm, open-minded, wait and see things ups and downs, laughing from the surging, is the embodiment of the relief of trouble.


4, Guanyin: Guanyin heart soft, dignified dignified, things Dongming, Yongbao peace, disaster relief, away from the scourge, great compassion Pudu beings, is the embodiment of the rescue.


5, lotus: Buddha also known as the rosette, out of the mud and not dye, in the foreign straight, clean not demon, the lotus for a gentleman. And the plum with the meaning of the United States and the United States and the United States and carp together with the meaning of more than a year; and sweet-scented osmanthus together with your son;


6, toad: toad and money homophonic, common toad mouth copper, meaning wealth and money. It is said that the princess of the Dragon King, it will spit money, three feet of the beast, the ancients that can get rich,


7, carp: fish all year round, carp jumping gantry, metaphor in the lift, promotion and other things. And later used as a metaphor upstream; , Fish jumping gates or carp jumping gantry. The leading fish is of a high level. And fishermen together with fishermen benefit.


8, Peony: Duan Li charming, elegant, color, fragrance, rhyme set the United States, “Peony, the wealth of those who are also”, “national color incense” “spend rich” meaning prosperity, happiness and peace. Rich peony, together with the bottle of meaning rich and safe.


9, magpie: that day see hi. Magpie in front of the ancient money, “hi in front”; magpie and three longan, hi reported ternary “; heaven magpie, underground badger,” joy “; two magpie meaning double happiness; and leopard together with the news; magpie and lotus Together with the meaning of the hi line.

Pendant shape represents the meaning


1. Songhe extension: pattern for the pine, crane two things. Song is a hundred long, a symbol of longevity, but also as a deliberate meaning, so “Songhe extension” has longevity, Chi Festival noble meaning.


2. fish dragon changes: pattern for the sky through the dragon, a carp in the water, dragon head fish, carp jump on the gantry above. Ancient carp Lei Yuemen story, all carp can jump over the gantry, can become a dragon, or in the forehead to stay red and return, always for the fish. Yuyue Longmen said Qingyun deserted, meteoric rise, rising step by step meaning.


3. blessed to the soul: carved with bats, peaches, Ganoderma three kinds of content. Peach, on behalf of longevity, shape like heart; bat by “bat” homophonic “blessing”; Ganoderma is “spiritual” meaning. The combination of the three patterns on behalf of the arrival of happiness that people have a strong pass through.


4. longevity and wealth: pattern for the roosters (“longevity”), standing next to the peony flowers, peony is a symbol of wealth, together means “longevity, such as peony flowers to a number of (“Hundred years”), refers to “longevity”.


5. Year of the fish: pattern for the two catfish juxtaposition, catfish for the “year”, two on behalf of “year”, the fish for “Yu”, collectively known as “more than a year,” said life rich, Have savings. Such as two catfish end to end, or boy holding lotus holding catfish, is called “years later”, have the same meaning.


6. Crane deer spring: carved crane, deer, pine. Deer, refers to “Lu”, “six”; crane, by its homophonic “together”, deer, crane refers to the “Liuhe”, that is heaven and earth north and south; pine means longevity, a symbol of forever bathed in the spring, happy auspicious.


How is the diamond pendant clean


1, rinse with detergent


First put a little detergent into the bowl and warm water from the foam, and then put the diamond pendant into the bowl, with a soft brush gently wipe, brush finished after the diamond pendulum out into the metal mesh or tea, rinse with warm water Clean, and then dry with a soft cloth.


2, soaked in cold water


To 1: 4 ratio of the detergent into the cold water, the drill into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush and rinse it once with a solution, then wipe it dry with a paper towel.


3, cold water immersion method


In the half-cup family of Ammonian water, add the same capacity of water, the diamond pendant immersed in the solution gently stir, and then use the paper to dry the water.


4, use the washer


Now on the market are selling all kinds of cleaners, for example, the use of ultrasonic cleaners and other special jewelry cleaner effect is also good.

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