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Hong Kong Exchange has become the largest market value of the imitation Cartier love bracelet

Le 22 août 2017, 10:42 dans Humeurs 0

Belle was Belle after the acquisition or delisting A wholly-owned subsidiary of Belle in Hong Kong-listed footwear and sports retail retailer Belle International Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Exchange), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Belle, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong-listed footwear and sports apparel retailer Cartier love ring replica International Holdings Limited Stock Exchange Code: 1880, hereinafter referred to Belle), is about to complete another Hong Kong local footwear company Meili Po International Holdings Limited (HKSE: 1179, hereinafter referred to as the beautiful treasure) of the tender offer. Belle ready after the end of a comprehensive acquisition, the realization of the beautiful treasure shoe delisting, to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Belle. Prior to this, Belle announced in February this year, said the cash will be 6 per share price, a comprehensive acquisition of the beautiful treasure, a total of 1.6 billion Hong Kong dollars involved. This price is 15.16% premium to the closing price of the Company prior to the issue of the Acquisition Announcement. At 9:00 on May 9, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Belle and the United States announced a joint announcement that the United States holds 94.46% stake in the beautiful treasure, has accepted the Belle earlier offer. At the same time, 16.42 million shares can be subscribed to all the options held by the beautiful treasure Who also said that the acquisition of Belle's offer. In accordance with Hong Kong law, the tender offer of the final cut-off date is May 23. Belle announced that the acquisition will be completed after the United States to submit to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange delisting application. May 2007 in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed Belle, Hong Kong Exchange has become the largest market value of the imitation Cartier love bracelet mainland private retail enterprises. Belle has been active since the listing of mergers and acquisitions, currently owns Flia China, Mi Lai, Senda and other footwear brands. Belle announced last month, 2007 results show that when the company's turnover reached 11.67 billion yuan, an increase of 87%; net profit growth of 1.979 billion yuan, more than doubled in 2006. Footwear business which accounted for 90% of total revenue, the company has 6,000 stores. Belle is responsible for investor relations, told the "financial" reporter, the acquisition of the beautiful treasure, the main value of its own treasure in the high-end brands, such as the true beauty of poetry (Joy & Peace), in addition to the United States also has leisure shoes brand agency rights. The source said that in the past, the main market of the United States Po in Hong Kong, the mainland market share is limited, but its brand in the Mainland has good prospects for development, the upside is great. Belle started this year, casual brand business line. After the acquisition of the beautiful treasure, Belle hope that with their own in the Mainland's retail network and supply chain, for the United States and its own brand of treasure to open sales in the Mainland. "As the beautiful treasure and Belle are currently listed companies, if the acquisition of two main business management similar to the listed companies, the difficulty is greater." The sources, Belle determine the acquisition of beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica treasure beginning, they want to delisting, If not achieve this purpose, will withdraw from the acquisition.

comparable to the 1997 by Cartier love ring replica earl after repair of great richness

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Piaget earl of top class gem flagship store, heping road no. 7, Paris - Piaget earl new senior jewelry series - "Secrets & towns - A Mythical Journey by Piaget yee illusions tour", carry forward the glorious history of the silk road, praise more prosperous cities along the ancient silk road and its splendid culture. After the first quarter of A Mythical Journey yee magic trip back changan and India Cartier love bracelet replica, new series with two legendary ancient capital - Venice and samarkand for inspiration, to its abundant cultural treasures, architectural and creativity, and into the realm of the PIAGET earl, imitating the two artisans, communicate with chengchan craft art of opportunely. Ripples in the water, Venice is a corner alone Italian cultural treasures, blossom calm glow in the history, the mysterious and attractive magic charm, temperament inspired PIAGET earl create if "Secrets of also" series. In become the model for bird feather and decoration, enamel and sculpture art, this series of wrist watch echo Venice clock tower construction achievements, comparable to the 1997 by Cartier love ring replica earl after repair of great richness. Watch of wrist of magnificent design, also is like a bridge of sighs, st. Mary's cathedral in Venice, and symbolic lion. "Secrets of also" series of high-end jewelry works similarly to Venice festival of profusion, and clever light wave reflected, sipping refinement into real art crystallization. Oriental magic is still active in samarkand, this is known as "the queen" the city is located in uzbekistan Zagreb musharraf is plain (Zarafshan), its Persian name for "gold". The ancient city of Samarkand is enlightenment "towns of Samarkand" series of Muse, under the beautiful color and star will thunder "square the vast desert of concise into jewelry and watches handed down a masterpiece. To celebrate the great city of the silk road, PIAGET count with the most pure precious stones, foil the high-end jewelry series, central of stone. Eggshell applique lacquer art, such as metal sculpture or micro build by laying bricks or stones Mosaic quality process, between the heart wrist watch, capture the city construction and desert animals of the grand appearance. The creative works of series a total of 93 pieces of jewelry and 38 pieces of watches, transcend time and space to strange think of clever want, brandish asperses brand value of creative freedom. PIAGET earl workshop craftsman with unparalleled passion sublimation technology, design a creative climb to the top of the "Secrets & towns - AMythical Journey by PIAGET". Secrets & towns - AMythical Journey by Piaget towns of Samarkand colors and vitality, in PIAGET earl craftsman's hand into "Secrets & towns" senior jewelry series, dazzling luxury aesthetic feeling. A series of fascinating jewelry each has its originality, the elegance of competing in the most bright, complained of every fault fantasy stories coming from the east. As light as a bird feather blue-green pearl like waterfall streamed, in women's gentle on the skin of rendering a vast blue sky (G37M6900). Surrounded by bright turquoise hard gems and emerald the blossom petals detailed contrast, show of Replica Cartier jewelry earl uphold the bold ideas. Brand enjoys a good reputation for asymmetric design on the necklace, composed of harmonious fullness of composition. Brand gem appreciation experts follow the progress of the ancient samarkand gem business travel, all over the world looking for the most precious gem, as a brilliant charming central stone. Prominent examples, including the four disc flowers Columbia emerald ring on the stone, its bright light will ring in the original modelling foil to get incisively and vividly (G34HH300). Flexible use of different gem processing and embedded technology, spent more than hundreds of hours of complete stone Mosaic, use of Sri Lanka, mozambique, ruby and sapphire quality special diamond, meticulously carved into a magnificent moving composition, comparable to ray "square, gracing the Mosaic of towering temple wall. Flowers blossom the bracelet echo of Arab vine pattern composition, mix in the backdrop of the sapphire, brand height of casting gold art acme reveal (G36M2299). Gold is PIAGET earl favorite material, in the hands of the craftsman brand, gold under the meticulous hand carve of equivalent of haute couture fashion, into a lifelike jewelry engraving, vividly deduce precious fabric soft tactility. Brands in more than half a century of claw with the horse eye shape cutting stones, light light spirit necklace (G37M6100). PIAGET earl used to beat the horse eye shape cutting technology, for gem draw the outline of the radian of exquisite, let every diamond gleamed from scattering, the center of the magnificent pear-shaped cut around the main stone formation of exquisite lace. Specially designed by brand set auger pendant earrings, with curly lines like sapphire ornament flowing, blooming charming magic Cartier nail bracelet replica(G38M5200). Ms with lithe and graceful steps while swaying, in stroke and soft skin, draw the gorgeous light of Oriental aesthetics.

Since the 1940s, Cartier love ring replica entered a diversified development stage

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The brand originated in Greece, the founder of Sotirio Bulgari is the Cartier love bracelet replica region of a silversmith. In 1879, Sotirio's family emigrated to Naples, Italy, in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of fine silver sculpture. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the two sons of Sotirio had grown up, and they were keen to make gemstones. After following his father to learn business for many years, the brothers finally in 1930, the two completely took over the family business, and began to carefully build their jewelry kingdom. Early in the 20th century, in Europe and the United States jewelry industry, the most popular style of the French, jewelry and choice of materials subject matter has certain rules. To the 40s of last century, from the Italian Bvlgari first to break the tradition. It is the production of jewelry in the design of the essence of color, originality with a variety of different colors of gemstones to mix and match, and then use a different material base to highlight the dazzling gem colors. In order to make the color more complete gem, Bulgari first in its jewelry on the use of semi-precious stones, such as coral, amethyst, tourmaline, topaz, olivine and so on. Bvlgari products rich colors, often stunning. In order to make jewelry on the color gemstone produce rounded soft feeling, Bvlgari began to study the improvement of the popular in the east of the round convex surface cutting method to round convex gemstone instead of multiple cutting surface gem. This was the trend of European and American traditional jewelry, it is an impact of innovation. In addition, Bvlgari created a heart-shaped gem cutting method and many other unique unique mosaic shape, which was amazing at the time. In fact, today, these have gradually developed into jewelry production standards. Since the 1940s, Cartier love ring replica entered a diversified development stage, launched a beautiful watch as a fashion accessories, and with jewelry, silver series, for the three lines of development. After World War II, in order to meet the diverse needs of people at that time, Bvlgari make persistent efforts to expand its range of fine products to the glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain and other products. But even today, Bvlgari has been preserved workshop production, which makes its works both exquisite handmade sense, but also both profound artistic atmosphere, has a high collection value. Bulgari diamond ring is beautiful, the price is too high how to do? Bvlgari is a luxury brand, so the diamond ring price is certainly high, if you feel a little expensive you can choose high-end customization ah, I am in the range of luxury jewelry children diamond ring is very good, absolutely people enjoy the quality of the counter price, Fancy good several of his home design replica Cartier love bracelet, are very elegant and generous, ready to start it, you can see the next. Bvlgari how to choose the width of the ceramic ring, seeking detailed election? Bulgari ceramic ring width according to their finger thickness, joint size, etc. to choose. In this case, 1, medium-sized fingers of the middle finger of the ring shape does not require too much, but the ring can not be too long to wear, long fingers on the joint, while the width of the ring can not exceed the width of the finger. In this case, 2, the finger is too short If the finger is relatively short should choose a simple design, the base of the thin ring, so that the fingers look slender. In this case, 3, finger thick rough if the finger can not choose the ring ring is too small, the choice of larger area, the best choice when designing a simple ring.

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