Tribute to xanadu Senior hair Alexandre Zouari 2017 spring summer series

Spring/summer 2017 French famous designer Alexandre Zouari creation hair accessories series, from the charming nature capture inspiration, present like xanadu, rich and colorful garden and animal world. Combined with glaring senior customized design, elegant Cartier bracelet fake fabrics and Swarovski crystal scintillation crystals, both series in each hair accessories from Europe manually refined, with cheerful colour and modelling sing sweet spring and summer.

Alexandre Zouari locate the girls of 2017 autumn winters (says Girlie Victorian) series

Even in a rapidly changing fashion world, and some trends can transcend time and constant. French luxuriant hair accessory brand Alexandre Zouari autumn/winter 2017 presented a series of Victorian inspired by Europe hair design, with pure and fresh and sweet color, to deduce the classic, elegant charm of the shape is full of fashionable feeling for ladies.

Locate the girl (says Girlie Victorian) series including hair clips, head band, banana clips and small hairpin, suddenly look like a Victorian girl antique ceramic relief act the role ofing is tasted, in fact this series hair to fashion high-grade plastic refining, cause girl anaglyph effect with enamel Cartier juste un clou bracelet cheap painting technique, combined with amorous feelings of nostalgia and fashion taste, add romantic elegant black and pink, delicate and lovely as cuddly.

Alexandre Zouari 2017 autumn winters ShanLi flowers (Floral Sparkler) series

Alexandre Zouari today season launch ShanLi flowers (Floral Sparkler) series, the inspiration on hair accessories, jewelry making brand creative and artistic ability of the full performance. Each hair hoop, lateral comb, hair clips, or hair claw, all in jewelry inlaid manner, using nine different unique color of swarovski elements, combined with the shape and size of each crystal elements differ, the flexibility to show the colorful gesture of flowers blossom. This series of stunning hair art high-quality goods, is the most fashionable this season bead jade.

Created by the Paris masters Alexandre Zouari French hair accessory brand Alexandre Zouari Paris imitation vca bracelet latest launched specifically designed for the VIP customers in Asia, “senior hair accessory order the service”, leading the industry trend.

The honourable service is brand following the eager require in the numerous customers. More and more good taste of the customer, expectations with their preparation to attend the party dress, evening wear, or favorite fashion, make absolutely perfect supplement hair accessories. From now on, you can from the brand of Haute Couture series, choose any of hair accessories, hope to change the details of the proposed, by color, size, material choice, such as advanced fabrics, leather, tortoiseshell, metal, or leather, etc.), and crystal and Bohemian gem marquetry, all can with the individual be fond of make a change.

Alexandre Zouari indistinction in Europe experienced technicians, can according to your special requirements to create your idea of the perfect hair accessories. In addition, you may attach clothing pictures, let Alexandre Zouari in the design of a European commissioner, effect is the most magnificent Cartier love jewelry replica design supplement for your hair.

The special service, let every woman’s dream come true. You as long as it is Alexandre Zouari VIP customers, can enjoy this beautiful courtesy!

Alexandre Zouari most noble Haute Couture series

Star hairstyle master Alexandre Zouari opened in Paris are famous hair and beauty salon, is also recognized as a pioneer of fashion. Quarterly Alexandre Zouari ‘hair, all by Zouari personally design and drawing, then passed on to Europe’s top craft his gorgeous vision into reality.

Brand the most high-profile Haute Couture series, selected the best materials, by high fashion dedicated Fake Cartier love bracelet showily silk, leather, fur, so that people choose beautiful Swarovski crystal, pearl, and yan Bohemian gems, etc. Make every hair process, by shaping, Mosaic and grinding, etc., fine heavy and complicated, needs extremely excellent workmanship, and only a handful of experienced technicians, in Europe to Alexandre Zouari magnificent design perfect practice, create amazing products.

At workers create the most costly dazzle beautiful hair accessories, has become a Alexandre Zouari marks, will forward making up to the level of art. Through a new book and make service “” advanced hair, only you the only one like you luxuriant hair accessory works of art.