On the engagement ring, we ask the most is the “engagement ring how much money appropriate”, for boys, this is indeed a headache, buy expensive economic too much, buy cheap and afraid of his girlfriend angry. So how much is the engagement ring for most of the working class? Here’s a look!

Before dealing with how much money the engagement ring is right, let’s know which finger the engagement ring wears. Engagement ring refers to the boys to the girls ring, used to determine the desire to enter the marriage hall, the engagement ring is a clear plan to marry the two sides plan. It is said that the left hand ring finger and the heart has a blood vessels connected, so the new married, usually the wedding ring wearing a ring finger on the left hand, meaning love directly to the heart, willing to life as a ring; boys and girls engagement ring are worn on the left middle finger, Until the time of marriage to be left on the ring finger on.


How much is the engagement ring for the general public? On the current view of consumption, the general 10 to 50 points is the choice of most people. Then 10 points to 50 points diamond ring price is probably how much? This also involves the diamond ring price factors. Decided to Cartier Ring Replica diamond ring price is the diamond 4C level, ring material and brand value-added decision. Diamond 4C level higher, the better the material, the greater the brand, the more expensive diamond ring, and the difference between the quality of the diamond ring on the price is very large, 10 points diamond ring at least 1000, and 50 points diamond ring to the top ten Million, summed up is the engagement ring is generally between 10 points to 50 points, the price is generally between 1000 to ten million.


How much is the engagement ring? In fact, in the end this is not how much money the problem is how much money to do the problem of how many things. Good economic conditions, spend a few people no one to say anything, not well off hand, spend a few hundred to the bride does not say anything, others are not qualified to say anything. Most of the working-class girlfriend said he hoped to spend two to three months to buy the engagement ring, but it is also limited to the girl’s expectations.


How much is the engagement ring? In fact, the ring is a symbol of love is pure and beautiful, not how much money to say, how much money to do many things, as long as you are really in love, you are good enough for the other, I believe that no matter how much money the engagement ring, Will be happy to wear it!

Even if we do not get married, can also be seen from the film and television drama, when the engagement ring is wearing a middle finger in the left hand, and then to wear when wearing a ring finger on, then why is this? What is the meaning of the ring wearing different fingers? Here to give you a detailed description of the ring wear and meaning, we can understand!

The ring is worn in the meaning of different fingers – the international popular wear method

According to Western tradition, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand, the more popular international wear is: index finger — want to get married, that unmarried; middle finger — already In love; ring finger — that has been engaged or married; little finger — that single. As for the right hand, in the traditional also have a finger wearing a ring when it makes sense, that is ring finger. It is said to wear here, that has a nun’s heart.


The ring is worn in the meaning of different fingers – left hand wears

1. thumbs: According to the ancient Roman literature, wearing the ring in this means to help you reach your wish, towards the road to success.

2. Index finger: the direction of the fingers, the ring wear this finger will become cheerful and independent, the most suitable for people engaged in the free industry to wear.

3. Middle finger: second in the ring finger is best suited to wear wedding ring finger, ring wear on it the most able to create a free and cheerful atmosphere, make you inspiration, become more attractive, there are heterosexual edge.

4. ring finger: from the ancient Roman times since the habit of wearing a wedding ring on it, according to legend, this refers to the heart connected, the most suitable for the publication of the sacred oath. And ring finger on the important acupuncture points, the ring wear it can be moderate to press the muscles, there is stability and emotional effect.

5. little finger: little finger to convey is a tragic sexy message, the ring worn on it will have unexpected things happen, especially recommended to intuition keen, engaged in fashion-related workers.


The ring is worn in the meaning of different fingers – the male ring wears the law

1, the right hand little finger: do not fall in love; ring finger: love; middle finger: famous flower; index finger: single nobility.

2, left hand little finger: no marriage; ring finger: marriage; middle finger: engagement; index finger: unmarried

3, thumb: left and right hand thumbs are representative of the meaning of power, can also be understood as self-confidence.


The ring is worn in the meaning of different fingers – the meaning of the girls wearing the tail ring

According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand. The tail ring is wearing a ring on the little finger, wearing a symbol of independence, single, lonely. The meaning of the girls wearing the tail ring on behalf of wearing tail means free, that they have not found can be attached to the people. But the legendary love of men and women to bring each other after the tail of the ring can be in love when the setbacks and danger when the danger, to protect their love for a long time!

We have heard about the star of the diamond how much money gossip, from these gossip we know that www.jeweltree.co although the same diamond ring, but the price is very different. Then the diamond ring price and what about it? What are the factors that determine the price of the diamond? Let’s take a look!

Diamond ring price and what about – diamond 4C level

The most can determine the diamond price is the quality of diamonds, and diamond quality by the diamond 4C level decision, so the diamond 4C level on the diamond ring the greatest impact. Diamond 4C refers to the weight of the diamond, color, clarity and cut. Diamond 4C important proportions are: weight 40%, color, clarity, cut the 20%. Clarity refers to the purity of diamonds, the less flawed the purity of pure diamonds; color refers to the transparency of diamonds, the higher the transparency of the more expensive diamonds; cut the diamond for the appearance of decisive impact; and the greater the weight , The higher the price of diamonds naturally. In general, the higher the “4C”, the higher the price of diamonds.


Diamond ring price and what about – ringing material

Diamond price is determined by the price of diamond + price + brand value. The ringing material determines the price of the ring. The material is generally platinum, 18K gold, 24K pure and 925 silver, etc., different materials of the ring, the price is different, but the price is generally no more than 2000, if the diamond is relatively large, the price is almost negligible Excuse me.


Diamond ring prices and what is relevant – diamond ring brand.

Each brand has its own brand value. For Cartier, Tiffany and other international brands, the brand value may be higher than the price of the diamond ring itself, and for some of the new domestic brands, such as Zuo Kayi, more to none other to the customer, almost no brand Added value.


Diamond ring price and what about – purchase methods and channels.

In addition to some of the factors described above, the purchase of diamond ring and the way the price of the channel also have some impact. Now the diamond ring also began to popular online shopping. Online shopping diamond ring province to save a lot of business costs, the price of natural than the store cheap; another custom diamond ring than the purchase of finished diamond jewelry prices should be affordable, so discuss the price of diamond ring also need to consider the purchase methods and channels.

Diamond ring of extraordinary significance, the price is expensive, the theory is to buy their own wedding ring or to others to buy diamond ring, need to be particularly cautious. So what do you need to pay attention to? The following inventory to buy diamond ring precautions, we must understand before buying diamond ring Oh!

What do you need to pay attention to? The first point of attention must be to understand the basic knowledge of diamonds, that is, we say the diamond “4C”. Diamond 4C refers to the decision of the diamond quality and price of the weight (carat weight), color (color), clarity (clarity) and cut (cut), the four content determines the quality of the diamond, and then determine the diamond ring price. So the first step must understand these basic 4C knowledge, it will not buy the time do not know where to start.


What do you need to pay attention to? After understanding the basics of diamonds, you need to determine the purpose of buying your diamond ring. If it is used to collect investment, the diamond 4C need strict requirements; but if only used to get married or gifts, for consumers, 4C gap is not large, non-professionals for the diamond color clarity difference to see Not very obvious. Plus diamonds really do not need to buy too expensive, both a waste of money and easy to fall, so it is best to buy according to their own needs.


What do you need to pay attention to? The third point is the material of the ring. Good horse with a good saddle, diamonds selected again, also need to ring care Caixing. Diamond ring to determine the size of the diamond material, large carat diamond recommended the use of K gold ringing material, because the K gold into other metals, high hardness, inlaid diamonds will be more solid; if it is small diamonds, preferred platinum or platinum purity And gloss much better than K gold.


What do you need to pay attention to? The fourth has to say is the diamond certificate. We know that the diamond certificate is equivalent to the person’s identity card, for ordinary consumers, the certificate is almost the most simple and most authoritative way. After all, identification of such jewelry is not anyone, any time can do, it has a lot of restrictions. China’s national inspection certificate in the international community is very famous, because of its harsh conditions in the international standard on a more layer, so we recommend that you have to look at the certificate.


What do you need to pay attention to? The last point is actually a small suggestion, that is, just buy right. Many people advocate the brand, non-big brands do not buy. In fact, in the purchase of diamond ring this point, this is not a good habit. Decided to diamond ring quality is the diamond 4C level, with the brand does not matter, but the big brand diamond ring will have part of the brand value, buy big brand diamond ring quality is no different, at most to meet the vanity.