The following will introduce the European brand Po Man Lan Duo (pomellato), including Po Man Lan Duo brand profile, Po Man Lan Duo official website, brand products in China which cities have to sell. Swept Europe more than 40 years of the Italian high-level jewelry brand POMELLATO (Po Manlan Duo), the first boutique in China recently opened in Beijing, the new store with many international luxury brands next door, set up in Beijing fashion luxury landmark Yintai Center Yue The first floor of life.

In Europe, the prestigious POMELLATO Po Man Lan Duo, so far has grown to the top five European sales of the top jewelry brand, through the exquisite jewelry art, innovation and publicity strategy


(Such as the palace-level photographer Michel Comte, Paolo Roversi, Guido Mocafico, etc., the famous actor and fashion model of the interpretation of) a variety of combinations for the jewelry to build a new show stage, and play the fashion industry luxury Cartier Jewelry Replica fashion industry benchmark role.


Swept the European fashion industry more than 40 years of legendary jewelry brand POMELLATO Po Man Lan Duo was born in 1967 in Milan, Italy. Founder Pino Rabolini unique vision, the creation of this subversive traditional meaning of the new jewelry brand. Since 2009, Andrea Morante took over POMELLATO Po Man Lan Duo global CEO, the former chief operating officer of Gucci is expected to POMELLATO Po Man Lan Duo represented by the luxury, fashion, elegant temperament and then passed to the world more Many places

The great mothers who have been baptized for years have the ultimate charm of women, and the children of the world are most hopeful that their mothers can keep their youth forever. Mother’s Day 2013, Pomellato is the theme of “eternal black and white” and “color youth”, offering classic and elegant Victoria series for the world’s mothers


Novel and unique Colpo di Fulmine series of jewelry products.


Po Man Lan Duo where to sell


User asked: Po Man Lan Duo this brand of jewelry in China which cities have to sell (from Baidu know)


Enthusiastic friends A: in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, first-tier cities have. Po Man brand by Pierre? Paerman (Pierre Balmain) was founded in 1945, Pierre Po Man’s design blend of feminine feminine and elegant, representing the unique and unique views. With the frenzy and relentless pursuit of art, Mr. Po Man from the world’s oldest and most sophisticated Arab and Chinese traditional art and culture in the inspiration and inspiration, the perfect combination of the characteristics of flowers and plants to create a symbol of Po Man’s Pattern – arabesque pattern, the performance of the Po Man spirit: noble, independent, active and exquisite … some love will never stop producing sparks. Italy’s top handmade jewelry brand POMELLATO Po Man Lan Duo in 2010, the official market into the Chinese mainland market, Stationed in the new business district Beijing Yintai Center Yue life.

Ellens Jewelery is established in Italy, with world-class jewelry experts, carefully designed, accurate calculation, ingenuity, the annual introduction of international popular models of more than a thousand paragraphs, whether it is simple to rejuvenate the natural style, or classic Chic romantic luxury, art masters are all the emotional philosophy of the design, the soul of the passion and the perfect cutting and grinding cleverly combined together, giving diamond jewelry magnificent and crystal eye-catching, for every one The owner of Ellens Jewelery creates the brightest stars in the universe, and the eternal light is radiant. There is also a man named Ellen King Graffenberg.


Ellens’ s official website

User asked: how Ellenton diamond ring how (Baidu know)


I fancy an Allenstein diamond ring, PT950 color: e VVS level 31 points eight heart eight arrows FOREVER MARK counter a price of 16,100 yuan Will this price expensive?


Enthusiastic friends A: fairly reasonable


User asked: Ellenstein diamond ring 21.8 drill, 4000 value reward 20 points


Ellenstein Diamond Drill 21.8 points, color: FG; clarity: SI1; cut: eight heart eight arrows (because Ellens’s cut grade is the case, the optimal level); total weight; 2.94 grams price of 4,000 yuan, the value of it?


Tianjin Tanggu purchase in the commercial store! The


Claw The Pt950


Enthusiastic users A: No value, eight heart eight arrows just cut the shape, the best level is the standard pavilion depth ratio, that is the same piece of raw materials, are cut into eight hearts and eight arrows, standard kiosks than the cut Than the cutting of raw materials cut out of the diamonds to small, Ellenston I have not heard of, I only know that several major jewelry companies in Hong Kong, they have factories in Guangdong Shunde, like Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Xie Rui phosphorus … … In the world are very famous, they are the production of their own diamonds are processing, I went to see, and Ellenston Well, it is estimated to find someone else foundry, it is not worth recommending you to buy Chow Tai Fook or Chow Sang Sang The

Here for everyone to bring Philippine diamond introduction, will introduce the Philippine diamond brand profile, brand concept, brand positioning. Diamond finished with the international diamond price list, remove the multi-layer brokers profit margins, so that buyers really the best price to buy the best design, the best technology, the best cut, the most personalized handed down

Fibi Diamonds is the world famous jewelery brand Charlie Jewelery brand, in 2009 began to focus on fashion jewelry marketing, and the establishment of their own B2C (e-commerce platform), while Taobao launched B2C (Taobao Mall) flagship store, Diamond and other high-end jewelry, with its parent company nearly 50 years of experience in diamond operations, international business operation and management experience and excellent product style concept, superb technology and strong background, Phoebe from the beginning will show a different Fengzi, leading the Chinese consumers to walk in the forefront of fashion and fashion.


Philippine diamond brand concept


Advocating modern women’s independence and self-personality publicity, and this idea into the product design, integration of love and eternal connotation in one, romantic and fashion style as one, highlight the modern women’s self-confidence, self-confidence And the courage to pursue the dream of the characteristics.

In 1837 by Charles Tiffany and John B. Young opened in New York City, the beginning of the name “Tiffany & Young” (Tiffany & Young), shops located in Lower Manhattan, is a specialized sales of fashion goods boutiques. Company by Tiffany, Yang and Ellis three care. Tiffany Blue (Tiffany Blue) is Tiffany’s logo color, in the company set up soon, Tiffany on the use of this unique color as a symbol of their quality and technology.


Let Tiffany in the world famous for the reason is the film “Tiffany’s breakfast” credit. In fact, the protagonist of the film himself is Tiffany’s fanatical suitors.


Tiffany brand story


The United States in the Civil War, President Lincoln regardless of the seriousness of the war to patronize Tiffany, for his wife bought a pearl necklace. At Lincoln’s inauguration ceremony, the President’s wife was wearing it. There is also legend in the moment of President Lincoln’s assassination (17:52 on April 15, 1865), Tiffany’s building since 1853 has been used as a decorative Atlas God clock suddenly stopped at this moment. This may be a coincidence, but leave a mystery.


Let us trace the history of Tiffany. It was in 1837 that Tiffany and his friend only spent $ 1,000 to sell a small grocery store selling antique, stationery and pottery, with a turnover of only $ 5 for the first day. But after 12 years, it turned into a shop selling watches, silver, jewelry. 1851 and the world’s silver manufacturing master of the cooperation, so that Tiffany became one of the world’s leading silverware manufacturers. In 1867, at the World Exposition in Paris, Tiffany won the Silverware Excellence Award, which went to the flash of the process.


In 1877, Tiffany bought a weight of 287 carats of diamonds, in order to make it show the most beautiful luster, using a 90 cut surface made of the shape of the process. It became Tiffany’s handed down treasure. At that time is the rise with diamonds to do the trend of engagement ring. But at the time of the mosaic technology is no way to fully embody the charm of diamonds. In 1886, Tiffany invented the use of six claws to set the diamond “Tiffany production method.” This mosaic method can make the diamond light to maximize the play out. The design of this design is still used as an engagement ring.

Tiffany since its inception in 1837, has been designed to be stunning beauty of the original works as a purpose. Facts have proved that Tiffany jewelry not only to the lovers of the voice of his right, its original silverware, stationery and table utensils is fascinating.


“Classic design” is the definition of Tiffany works, that is, each amazing Tiffany masterpiece can be passed down from generation to generation. Tiffany’s design never caters to the ups and downs of popular fashion, so it will not be outdated, because it is completely above the trend.


Tiffany’s creation of the essence and philosophy are full of rich American characteristics: simple and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and refreshing elegance. Harmony, proportion, coherent, in every piece of Tiffany design can be naturally integrated and presented.


Tiffany’s design emphasizes excellence, it can freely from the natural things to get inspiration and left cumbersome and delicate design, only simple and clear, and each masterpiece reflects the American people born with the straightforward, optimistic and chic The Tiffany (Tiffany) was founded soon after the design of the white ribbon with blue ribbon, as its famous logo. 19,20 century turn, Tiffany (Tiffany) brand for the first time the use of stainless steel jewelry box, and stressed to silver, do not gold.