Genoa table in Switzerland from China in 2009, its products are high-quality materials processing, the whole to be strict quality control, its noble design, fashion modeling, elegant style, reflects the trend of the times. Gnostic table will continue to uphold its excellent quality! Then how much money Guinuo watch prices?

Geno table has been committed to research and development, fine production, the most perfect product presented to the public. Delicate workmanship and exquisite design, so that the table was well received praise, word of mouth has been widely circulated in the industry. And the market price of the table is very close to the people, usually between 200 yuan – 6,000 yuan!

Gnomeau is known for its unique style of craftsmanship and exquisite imitation Cartier love bracelet craftsmanship. Its ingenuity design and unique temperament by the public’s favor, especially in line with the success of the aesthetic taste. Meticulous processing and exquisite design, perfect performance in every watch. Each style are beautiful and create greater glory.

Guya watch waterproof? Georgia watch how waterproof

Gaya table in the domestic watch market a small celebrity, wearing a table of people who have a lot of table, but we are most worried about a problem is the watchy watch waterproof? The following watch home to introduce you to the watchy watch waterproof Related questions!

Are you watch waterproof?

First of all, most watches are waterproof, but the watch “waterproof” concept there are different levels. You can look at the back of the watch (or dial) waterproof label words, if it is 50m, and only “in the water” 2 minutes, the general will not water. In theory, suitable for swimming watches at least need to mark 100 meters can be waterproof, snorkeling is required to mark more than 200 meters.

Geya watch waterproof protection

Gaya watches unless marked with a waterproof function, or to avoid the case of water, because the water will cause corrosion, destructive power is very strong. Seawater is untouchable. Even if the waterproof table, only one year of waterproof protection, a year after the need to change the new waterproof ring, otherwise there is no waterproof function.

Gay watch waterproofing care

Watch waterproof to rely on table glass, back cover, table and other waterproof aprons to achieve the appropriate standards. Any waterproof watch should not be worn with hot water bath, sauna, or in the environment with great temperature changes. Because the waterproof apron affected by the temperature will be thermal expansion and contraction of the gap and accelerated aging caused by water and water condensate in the table, serious will damage the parts. Watch the waterproof apron and the table (including waterproof ring) according to the use of regular replacement. Quartz watch in each time the battery must be replaced at the same time waterproof components to ensure good waterproof performance.

Table mirror, case and strap care

Table mirror material is divided into plexiglass, ordinary glass, sapphire glass. Case, strap material common plastic, copper, stainless steel, tungsten and titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, gold and so on. Sapphire glass, tungsten titanium alloy and high-tech ceramic is anti-wear material. These materials are Replica Cartier jewelry resistant to wear, but can not withstand strong impact, while some of the same hardness or higher material are likely to damage these materials. Grindstone, sandpaper, nail drop, granite surface, concrete walls and the ground, etc. contain the above substances, will scratch the surface of these materials. Case, strap to be regular cleaning, because sweat, dirt, etc. will corrode the appearance of the watch pieces, and can cause individual skin allergies.

Waterproof watches, diving watches, every three to five years, it is necessary to send a waterproof watch to a professional watch service center for waterproof testing, do so, mainly test waterproof waterproof ring is aging, to avoid watch water, Damage to the movement, the brand watch more care to care, test work to do enough.

Goya watch prices Daige grid price how much money

Geya table is a watch brand in Shenzhen. Its product style has five hundred balance. Products include: couple series, ladies series, sports and leisure series, cartoon series, gift series, etc. Have their registered brand “GEYA” “Georgia” watch has a very high visibility in the country! So in the market, How much is the price?

Geya will be precision manufacturing process and the combination of fashion consumption trend, for the Georgia table condensate out of a unique wrist temperament. Geya table is committed to promoting the new fashion, new business, the new movement of the watch style has been deeply rooted in the hearts of new representatives of the watch, to promote the watch fashion trend of the flag. The company will be the product research and development base on the most dynamic and innovative city – Shenzhen.

Geya product research and development team, continue to absorb the most outstanding international design concept, do not rigidly adhere to the watch the development of the conventional, always looking for “what is really what needs the product” to provide users with beyond the satisfaction of the surprise and moved. Price, the price of watches from $ 200 – $ 25,000 range. Overall, more people!

What is the meaning of a lady to buy a watch for her boyfriend?

Now watches in life, often as gifts presented to each other. And in the couple is a common show, some men may not know what his girlfriend to send their own meaning. The following watch home to tell you ladies to buy the meaning of her boyfriend to buy it!

The meaning of the lover watch is: always at your side. Indicates that life is not separated!

The meaning of girls to send boys watch is to let your time by his control, your time is his time.

Girls send boys watch the meaning is that he always thought of himself, think of him and his best time!

Girls to send the meaning of the boys watch is always with me all the time to remember me, remember every minute every second people want you waiting for you.

Girls send boys watch the meaning of the moment at your side, indicating that life is not separated.

Girls to send the meaning of boys watch every second will remember me, I can divide your second and second and your heart!