What is the meaning of a woman wearing a silver bracelet?

Q: want to buy a silver girlfriend bracelet, do not know what a good meaning, wearing any good?


The best girl with sterling silver bracelet has this saying: wearing a bracelet that innocent, but also expressed the desire for love at first sight, but has been in love in the girl wearing a bracelet that she wholeheartedly willing to spend the rest of his life The happy time. Girl in general love to wear two bracelets that are in love, enjoy the love of the sweet love of love, single girl wearing two bracelets also said at this time the mood is very happy, very satisfied Replica Cartier jewelry with their now Of life, around the girlfriend’s friendship and loved ones care, feel that they are the most happy people, but also revealed the content of contentment.


And silver sterling silver bracelet and these benefits: silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization, the average antibiotic can only play a role in the six kinds of bacteria, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria. Silver’s antioxidant and glossy persistence is related to the individual’s physique, and the physical person will wear more and more so, so often wear sterling silver jewelry, can help the body toxins discharged.

Q: Want to buy a bracelet to the baby, is to buy gold bracelet or silver bracelet good?


Answer: it is best to wear silver bracelet, because the silver bracelet on behalf of auspicious and auspicious meaning, and wear silver also has a lot of benefits to a silver bracelet can absorb some of the baby’s body of toxic substances, and second silver bracelet is also more hard not so Easy to break. Three to silver products in a certain range can produce magnetic field, the release of a large number of silver ions, to stimulate energy, the health of the human body with the effect. Finally, the legendary wear silver can be evil spirits, so since ancient times there are children to wear silver dress customs, both conducive to the exclusion of the body “fetal toxicity” and play the role of evil.


Other words: children with silver bracelet is auspicious meaning in the inside. In general, pure gold sterling silver jewelry will not cause any impact on the human body, but if it is not pure, it may be mixed with some sensitive metal, resulting in children skin allergies, so if you want to buy silver bracelet to the baby wear, must be sterling silver of. Children wearing silver bracelets, pay attention to the kind of not easy to scratch the child’s skin, not easy to swallow, and have to pay attention not to let the children casually put silver bracelet in his mouth.

Q: want to buy her husband a gold Buddha beads necklace, do not know men wear gold Buddha beads necklace good? What are the benefits?


Best answer: Buddha beads and necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry are common, but more different, gold and silver jewelry not only can not make people aware, can not let people abandon the pursuit of material desires, but increased people’s enjoyment of material and persistent The And Buddha beads and other legal objects, but can make us awakened to remind us to break the evil. So, for those who want to realize, want to get out of six reincarnation of people, wearing Buddha beads will be very meaningful. And for those who do not believe in the Buddha, although now no consciousness, wear will not play any role, but after all, is the law of Buddha, with a long time will be induction, people slowly consciousness, from the realization of some truth. And Buddha beads of different particles, have different meanings. So men wear gold Buddha beads necklace is very good, shape suitable, but also the meaning of consciousness. Whether it is believers or people who do not believe in Buddhism, wearing a gold Buddha beads necklace will be very good.

Q: some time ago to buy the silver necklace, wearing a period of time, and now found the silver necklace some black, how do? Can I fix it? How to clean?


Best answer: Silver jewelry to overcome the high price of other precious jewelry and artificial jewelry low value of the two major disadvantages, can really meet the fashion needs of consumers, the formation of a new fashion trend. But in the process of wearing silver may be discolored, there is yellow or black situation. There is no need to worry about this situation, we can clean it through the way to restore the past luster. There are mainly the following methods:


1, for the daily use of silverware, after use to be promptly cleaned, with warm water and detergent can be cleaned, and then dry with a soft cloth stored in the opaque drawer.


2, if the family has a larger volume of silver ornaments, need to prepare some rub www.jeweltree.co silver cloth, rub silver cloth contains decontamination ingredients and polishing powder, regular wipes to ensure that silverware as bright as new.


3, if you find signs of yellowing silver jewelry, the easiest way is to use toothpaste plus water to wash the surface. Or with a small brush jewelry to clean silver jewelry slits, and then wipe the surface with rub silver cloth, immediately can be decorated to restore the original glory.


4, if the silver handle to wear dark, then the use of jewelry should be small brush clean jewelry slits, and then wiping silver drops drop in the paper, the silver surface of the black oxide wipe, and then wipe silver cloth recovery Jewelry original light.

Q: want to buy silver bracelet gave her daughter, but do not know which kind of silver the best? What are the types of silverware?


Best answer: silver according to the amount of silver can be divided into full silver, sterling silver:


Foot silver refers to the silver content of thousands of not less than 990. As the foot silver is too soft, it is not easy to cast into the favorite jewelry shape, and easy to wear and oxidation black;


Sterling silver refers to the silver content of thousands of not less than 925, also known as 925 silver. As the 925 silver mixed with copper, finished by the silver finished polished luster than the beautiful silver eyes, so often used as jewelry materials and silverware. So buy silver bracelets, then recommend the choice of sterling silver is better.


According to the origin is divided into Thai silver, Miao silver and possession of silver, etc.:


Thai silver, the standard is 925 silver content. Appearance of the lack of brightness, the pursuit of an old ancient silver effect;


Miao Yin, Miao silver is a long time Miao area important jewelry and wedding supplies. Not silver, silver is not high. Its main features are Miao area hand-made production, exquisite designs, full of moral;


Tibetan silver, generally does not contain silver ingredients, is the name of copper and silver, the traditional possession of silver for 30% silver plus 70% of the copper.

Q: want to send a friend to a platinum necklace to do a gift, but do not know how the quality of platinum necklace? How should good or bad to judge?


Best answer: platinum, PT, commonly referred to as platinum, but not all white metal is platinum. Buy platinum jewelry when you look for the PT logo. The color and gloss of platinum are natural and natural. Hardness of 4 to 4.5 degrees. Ductility is very strong, can be pulled into a very fine platinum wire; strength and toughness, but also much higher than other precious metals; thermal conductivity good performance; chemical properties are extremely stable, insoluble in strong acid and alkali, in the air is not oxidized. So the quality of the platinum necklace is really good, bright colors, chemical stability, not easy to fade.


If you buy platinum necklace when the fear of quality is not guaranteed, we can buy before their own identification: 1, to see the color: pure platinum for the white, shiny bright, white gold gold color white yellow rice, silver color is white ; 2, see mark: platinum jewelry has a standard. The international use of PT900 or PT950 words; 3, see the weight: platinum density of 21.45, the same volume of precious metals, platinum has a heavy feeling, it is heavier than gold (19.36), also heavier than K platinum.