How much money is the cost of a floor? (1855) of the Shanghai Jing Fu Yuan Ji Yin Lou, is the Chinese chisel gold into the treasure of the culmination of the process, heritage of the ancient oriental charm, integration of international fashion trends, work began in the heart, art into the In the Road, category covers: gold, silver, platinum, drilling, Tsui, beads, jade, treasure 8 major areas, called the Chinese mosaic jewelry first old brand. What about the price of the floor?


The price of diamond ring is mainly affected by the quality of diamonds. Diamond ring from the ring to the bare drill to the cost and then to the imitation Cartier love bracelet brand, each process need to pay the value, we can see that the price of diamond ring is not a simple factor, so Xiaobian can not tell you an accurate figure on the price of the floor. We can according to their own economic situation to choose what the price of the diamond ring.

Kratini diamond ring price, how much money Kratini diamond ring. Crowdini (Corradini; founded in 2005), the world’s largest diamond giant Debbies in China’s regional network of strategic partners, but also the most influential domestic brands of network diamond sales brand. Jacket has become the most popular diamond ring brand, in addition to its superb technology, fashion design, authoritative certification, but also because the possession of the Kratini diamond ring has become a distinguished identity symbol of. So how about the price of the Crotidine diamond ring?


If the diamond ring, in addition to the cost of diamonds, but also with the cost of ringing material, different materials, the ring price is different; if it is a gold ring, then the purity of gold is the impact of the price The most important factor. So the price of the Crotidine diamond ring according to the type of ring to decide.

How much of the croatian diamond ring. Krattini diamond ring price is mainly determined by the diamond 4C standard, different grades of diamonds prices are not the same, ordinary grade carat diamonds only tens of thousands, while the high grade of Kratini diamonds can be as high as ten million, the general Cretines Diamond ring prices in the domestic brand is high.


But when we buy the diamond ring, but also according to their own economic situation to buy, or too much to pursue the diamond ring brand, but will be worth the candle. Zuo Kay is a famous jewelery brand, is focused on diamond jewelry and custom jewelry brand. Brand awareness is still quite big, after-sales service is very good, complaints lower, Zoca is still very secure. And the price is more affordable, we can go and see.

Derain diamond ring price, derain diamond ring how much money. Dai Lier jewelry DERAIN family to select the diamond, the perfect cut and unique style of design so that the whole society aspire to, and in the industry to win a high reputation, DERAIN diamond ornaments become royal aristocracy Collection Replica Cartier jewelry of art boutique. So what about the price of the derain diamond ring?


In fact, the price of diamond ring are inseparable from the diamond 4C standard level. Diamond 4C standards include diamonds weight, color, clarity and cut. Weight accounted for 40% of the price of diamonds, color, clarity and cut the diamond price of each of the 20% Smaller diamonds such as 20 points below the diamond by the color, clarity and the impact of cutting is not great, the greater the price of diamonds after the color, clarity and the impact of cutting even greater.

How much is the bon. Shopping diamond ring when almost everyone will ask how much the price of diamond ring, will first understand how the price of diamond ring. Because the diamond ring is usually a lot of people usually buy less items, some people have even bought a lifetime twice, the understanding of the diamond ring is very few. So when buying, we must first understand how much money derain diamond ring.


Question: just bought the derain diamond ring, 40 points, the color level is e, clarity VVS1.29 million more than you do not?


Answer: 40 points, the color level is e, clarity VVS1.29 thousand, in general, so that bare drill online offer for 9 thousand or so. Coupled with a moderate ring, the price of the diamond ring will not be more than ten thousand, and brand stores will generally increase the price is about twice. But this price is still a lot of expensive.

Princess side diamond ring price, the princess side diamond ring how much money. Princess diamonds are one of the many diamonds of diamonds and are diamonds. In the English princess is the meaning of the princess, so the diamond is also called the princess square drill. Then the princess side diamond ring how the price?


In the United States and the United States diamond diamonds in the diamonds accounted for 20% of the total sales of diamonds, to know that in 1997 the princess square drill only accounted for 5% of the area. Because the princess drill continued popularity, the demand for more and more, resulting in the supply of raw stone for the princess stone shortage, the current (2007) the price of the original stone was rising trend. In the case of growing demand coupled with the lack of long-term supply of raw stone, the princess diamond will be more potential for appreciation.

How much is the princess’s diamond ring? Princess cut diamonds has always been a favorite for diamond dealers because it has a higher rate of return, compared to other cuts in its rough losses are less. Princess cut the shape and cut it makes it productive and therefore cheaper than most other diamonds cut. Xiaobian to introduce a princess side of the diamond ring, take a look at this princess square diamond ring how much money it


[Victoria Princess] White 18k gold princess square diamond ring Zakai price: ¥ 8699.00


White 18k gold princess square diamond ring this diamond ring, selected princess square diamonds, surrounded by paved bright cut diamonds. People can see, can wear this diamond ring of women, will be a personality, courage, there are abundance of emotional noble woman.

Heart-shaped diamond ring price, heart-shaped diamond ring how much money. Heart-shaped combination of this life I only waiting for you, hold your hand, and sub-harmonic old, heart-shaped ring is to express your commitment to love life. Throughout the jewelry circle jewelry industry popular with a variety of beautiful heart-shaped diamond ornaments, whether it is surrounded by such as wanton splashing like broken heart-shaped pendant, or modeling chic heart-shaped diamond ring, are a sign of love commitment.


Heart-shaped generally refers to the diamond cut standard, cut the diamond 4C is one of the standard, the other three C are color, clarity, weight. Heart-shaped diamond ring in the cut is very easy to problems, so the color and clarity of the diamond itself is very high, it is natural to raise the price of a carat heartbeat. In the market, the weight of 0.5ct, clarity VS1, the color of F, cut the 3VG of a carat heart-shaped diamond ring about 90,000 price.

How much is the heart-shaped diamond ring? As the closest to the round, the most basic love symbol of the shaped diamonds, heart-shaped drill is the most popular Valentine’s Day hot style. How much is the heart-shaped diamond ring? The following Xiaobian to introduce this heart-shaped diamond ring price of ¥ 3599.00 price is more affordable, to meet the views of most people’s consumption.

Zoukai white 18k gold heart-shaped diamond ring color I-J life’s commitment, always love you, always cherish us spend time, I promise, will always be faithful to you, pamper you, forever and ever …


Heart-shaped has always been a symbol of romance, a bright gorgeous heart like a dream-like diamond ring is the heart of every woman’s vision, never mind is a symbol of love, and you choose a heart-shaped diamond ring can be better The captive of the bride’s heart!