Operating car boutique business is becoming an important means of car dealers to differentiate competition, and now they need a number of sales "master" will "decorations" into real gold and silver. Service is the dealership to settle down, it sounds like a cliche. But the market has been serious as has been placed in front of many car dealers, the overall market micro-growth, new car sales profit to zero or even close to the cheap Cartier love bracelet replica negative, the brand store network-intensive, between each other to become more intense. 4S shop is indeed through the fine and high quality service to live a critical moment. In the traditional after-sales service to spend thought from Needless to say, a new situation is more worthy of study - more and more dealers began to 4S boutique business to profit, and this area has become a new blue ocean after the market. In fact, the sales store sales boutique is not new things, in the golden age of car sales, stands in the corner of the 4S shop car supplies more part of the store decoration decoration, occasional consumer interest, only to car supplies business temporary transfer Goods, or in an event as a vehicle sales promotional items, or even car fare increase fig leaf, clerks, managers and bosses do not attach importance to, let alone become a profit growth Cartier  ring replica point. Now, 4S shop profits have been rivers and rivers, operating car boutique to become an important means of car dealers to differentiate competition, but a long time to make it in the majority of 4S shop in the face of such a situation - not and the vehicle placed The same important position, the choice of goods without rules, business links and procedures complex, single product did not primary and secondary, show the lack of personalized display of local, price confusion, vehicle positioning and automotive supplies positioning, professional quality is not high. The last point is the most prominent short-board car dealers. In most of the 4S shop, operating the car boutique business and sales of cars are used by the original troops, they are more in the vehicle sales training, but rarely on the knowledge of automotive supplies have more dabbled, let alone Proficient in and write sales. This situation is clearly not enough to deal with the arrival of the new marketing era of the store. Now, they need a number of "master" will store the "decorations" into real gold and silver. In addition to the training of specialized boutique sales Replica Cartier love jewelry staff, 4S shop must expand the vehicle sales team supplies knowledge reserves and professional training, in order to time at the time of the boutique and the vehicle sold to customers.