The brand originated in Greece, the founder of Sotirio Bulgari is the Cartier love bracelet replica region of a silversmith. In 1879, Sotirio's family emigrated to Naples, Italy, in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of fine silver sculpture. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the two sons of Sotirio had grown up, and they were keen to make gemstones. After following his father to learn business for many years, the brothers finally in 1930, the two completely took over the family business, and began to carefully build their jewelry kingdom. Early in the 20th century, in Europe and the United States jewelry industry, the most popular style of the French, jewelry and choice of materials subject matter has certain rules. To the 40s of last century, from the Italian Bvlgari first to break the tradition. It is the production of jewelry in the design of the essence of color, originality with a variety of different colors of gemstones to mix and match, and then use a different material base to highlight the dazzling gem colors. In order to make the color more complete gem, Bulgari first in its jewelry on the use of semi-precious stones, such as coral, amethyst, tourmaline, topaz, olivine and so on. Bvlgari products rich colors, often stunning. In order to make jewelry on the color gemstone produce rounded soft feeling, Bvlgari began to study the improvement of the popular in the east of the round convex surface cutting method to round convex gemstone instead of multiple cutting surface gem. This was the trend of European and American traditional jewelry, it is an impact of innovation. In addition, Bvlgari created a heart-shaped gem cutting method and many other unique unique mosaic shape, which was amazing at the time. In fact, today, these have gradually developed into jewelry production standards. Since the 1940s, Cartier love ring replica entered a diversified development stage, launched a beautiful watch as a fashion accessories, and with jewelry, silver series, for the three lines of development. After World War II, in order to meet the diverse needs of people at that time, Bvlgari make persistent efforts to expand its range of fine products to the glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain and other products. But even today, Bvlgari has been preserved workshop production, which makes its works both exquisite handmade sense, but also both profound artistic atmosphere, has a high collection value. Bulgari diamond ring is beautiful, the price is too high how to do? Bvlgari is a luxury brand, so the diamond ring price is certainly high, if you feel a little expensive you can choose high-end customization ah, I am in the range of luxury jewelry children diamond ring is very good, absolutely people enjoy the quality of the counter price, Fancy good several of his home design replica Cartier love bracelet, are very elegant and generous, ready to start it, you can see the next. Bvlgari how to choose the width of the ceramic ring, seeking detailed election? Bulgari ceramic ring width according to their finger thickness, joint size, etc. to choose. In this case, 1, medium-sized fingers of the middle finger of the ring shape does not require too much, but the ring can not be too long to wear, long fingers on the joint, while the width of the ring can not exceed the width of the finger. In this case, 2, the finger is too short If the finger is relatively short should choose a simple design, the base of the thin ring, so that the fingers look slender. In this case, 3, finger thick rough if the finger can not choose the ring ring is too small, the choice of larger area, the best choice when designing a simple ring.