The new Red jewellery series exclusive introduced in mainland China, great and loaded wishes, good fortune and well-being are implied by it!


Red continues to be praised as a sign of good luck and joyful in China, this gorgeous red in the macrocosm of the development of Portugal leading jewellery manufacturer Van Cleef & Arpels, Sometimes it really is interpreted as a magnificent Clover, and sometimes switched into an unrestrained interesting coral bloom. Red jewelry chain with its exceptional scintillating but ardent reddish to celebrate Chinese celebrations.


In order to express great respect for the excellent Chinese tradition and background, fake van cleef necklace carefully selected the gem that was finest to set the eye catching red that full of chinese storyline, developed a show off Red sequence jewellery collection that restricted to mainland China. This amazing stunning fresh show employed oriental most classic and praise highly "Crimson" as the theme of the creation, it contains "normal" and "Top style Treasures" two different creative ideas, reveals a unique charm of its own business name.


The exceptional series of wonder Alhambra themed shop, in different size style meaning of the classic image of clover, and brings rejuvenating irregular contour design, this chain of jewellery used lavish red or 18K gold Changed ends of each petal Clover and pull the abstract of the delicate petals that are made from carnelian, coral and white pearl. Folks hopeless not to enjoy the hope, health, wealth and good wishes of love that four petals provides were produced by allure that was red.


As early as 2,000 years past, China has attracted to Chalcedony, the oriental people have seen as existence symbol it. In 2006 Earrings make this seires enchanting and more delicate, and first period implemented carnelian in the production of Alhambra series.

The exceptional construction and feel of the red coral are viewed as a master piece of the originator, there are a number of ancient tales about barrier, and the boundless deep sea energy, which which can make people considered that coral has a magical power is absorbed by it. Now it has become a rare and tasteful substance in Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery works.


Van Cleef & Arpels consistently showing the most prized gift of character for you, just you cannot believe of, there's nothing that Van Cleef Clover pendant can't do. Van Cleef offer you most stunning jewelry in this 2016 -2017 seasons.