Watch to men and women to distinguish between the actual style is very vague, but let us in the choice of watches when the limit of the range, men wear male or masculine, or gentle, women wear a female imitation Cartier love jewelry or delicate, or Smart, this is the men and women watch style In the “beauty”.

How to watch men and women

We can according to the following points to distinguish between men and women watches:

First, see the bracelet: men’s watch bracelet is generally very large, the opposite is the ladies; men generally look at the more atmospheric, ladies look is more delicate.

Second, look at the weight: male models are mostly large, the focus of the weight, while the majority of women are light

Third, look at the decoration: female watch more ornaments, decorative strong; male watch simple, atmospheric, practical strong.

But beauty does not have sex. = Beauty is more and more social. From this point of view, there is no absolute “beauty” or “no beauty” in the world, and some are just fit and fit.

In accordance with this reason, we can break the strict men and women watch style boundaries, men can sometimes wear a woman, female watch sometimes can let men wear, beautiful like. Choose the watch or to see their wrist, there is a saying is to measure their own wrist width, as a multiplier by the gold coefficient of 0.618, the value is that you want to choose to wear the diameter of the watch.

How much money the price of the shuttle

(Meshor) was founded in the Jura region (Jura Region) under the Jura Valley (Vallee de Joux). Valleede (Valleede Joux) as the entire Jurassic clocks and clocks manufacturing industry in the core areas, gathered a group of watch industry’s most outstanding watchmakers. The founder Replica Cartier jewelry of Meshor was born in a large family of painstaking research. Its family in the birthplace of always adhere to the traditional tabulation process, the production of high quality and precision watch.

How much money the price of the shuttle

The craftsmanship of Meshor has become a legend of the Jurassic mountains. Local advanced watch and the establishment of the laboratory, making the traditional superior technology into the modern technology, so that the family watch industry towards the peak, each watch works are fully reflects the watchmaker’s design style and spirit The

At the beginning of this century, the Swiss name shuttle table Group Co., Ltd. will expand its business to Asia, in the Chinese mainland, entrusted to authorize China’s Shenzhen City, shuttle table Co., Ltd. agent production and sales brand shuttle brand watches, the design style simple and elegant, Distinguished, its unique temperament by the people generally popular, especially by the successful people of the city respected.

Memorial watch for the small minority watch brand, cheap people close to the people. Common watches generally 200 yuan – 42,000 yuan between. Quality work is also good, suitable for daily use. But no collection value.

Pearl watch movement introduced

Pearl watch movement is not a lot of people, this is by the Guangzhou watch factory imitation of the domestic version of Citizen 8200. In the domestic watch market occupies a place. Here just like the watch home to understand the Pearl watch movement it!

Pearl watch movement introduced

Pearl movement inherited the Citizen 8200 series of movement on the inherent structure of the defects: the existence of jump seconds, when the problem stopped by the shock; stability is not high, the accuracy vulnerable to strenuous exercise, and so on. However, in all fairness, as a so cheap, to take the main low-end movement. Guangzhou Pearl movement quality has been controlled quite well. Moreover, have to admit that the existence of the Pearl movement to meet a lot of just like the mechanical watch of the young people to spend two or three hundred dollars to have a mechanical watch the desire, can not but say that is a merit.

It is worth mentioning that the Pearl movement insisted on the bottom of the balance wheel marked up and down the arrangement of OM brand LOGO, which is very good. The main plywood marked the practice of LOGO in seagulls, Shanghai and other brands have been long-term use, and later because of various reasons omitted.

Pearl movement in the imitation of the border, such as Reggae, Taobao low-end imitation table more than 80% are used in the Pearl movement. This movement has always been despised, it is no wonder that it always appears in a variety of imitation table, notorious, known as “imitation of the heart.”

How does the Marvin watch look good?

In 1850, Mo (Marvin) was founded in the famous Swiss watch town Jurassic mountain area. In the memory of the older generation, the mosaic is a familiar and unfamiliar name. In the 40s of last century, the mosaic table set up a Hong Kong office, once became related at the time and the Chinese mainland businessmen favorite. As the first batch of plum blossoms, magpie poetry into China’s Swiss brand, the mosaic table until the 1970s is still quite popular in the country. Now, the mosaic table with its excellent quality of marketing around the world, becoming the most representative of the Swiss watch one of the brands, some of which are more regarded as “classic collection”.

At the beginning of the creation of the brand, the quality of the movement on the excellent reputation of the watch industry. Today, the mosaic table still adhere to the integration of excellent quality and modern technology, while giving the product ingenuity of creativity. Mosaic table performance, intimate design and delicate workmanship on behalf of the brand on the details of the elegant. In the technical difficulty of the new design, but also highlights the friction to please the customer’s unique sense of humor.

How the magic pattern watch

Each of the frictional watches are made of the highest quality raw materials, the most exquisite craftsmanship is completed, and equipped with Swiss manufacturing (Swiss Made) mechanical or quartz movement, fully embodies the wonderful parts of the boutique watch. Fair and reasonable prices, will allow the friction watch buyers have value for money experience.

Miao: timeless style combined with contemporary temperament, even if there is, long-term spread.

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Comment 1: Previously with Longines almost handy, and now at least the same as Longines. Very nice ah, blue needle, kinetic energy, very good!

Comment 2: niche brand, work okay it Cost is not high is not low!

Comments 3: the performance of the friction and the Longines almost, the friction table out of the mainland market for many years, and in recent years before the return, know that the brand is very small, the grade is about higher than the Tissot Plum, and Longines should be quite Or slightly lower, if you do not want to choose the public brand, then, to be a good choice