What are the colors of turquoise to buy turquoise which color is good

We should not be confused by the name of turquoise, that turquoise must be green, it is not true, turquoise color elements for the iron and copper elements, iron to the turquoise green, iron to the turquoise blue Colour. So turquoise mainly blue, green, yellow Replica Cartier jewelry and white these kinds, different colors, the value of different sizes.

According to the different colors can be divided into three levels of turquoise. Level turquoise mainly dark blue, emerald green, slightly transparent, texture is more tough; three turquoise is mainly blue and white, light yellow and green and other colors, the first turquoise is the main blue sky, the color is relatively pure, Gloss is relatively poor, texture stiff.

What is the color of turquoise?


In general, the color of turquoise is pure blue sky as the best, followed by green, yellow-green, etc., white times, because the turquoise color and its quality have a certain relationship, and the quality determines the price, turquoise The color affects the price to some extent. Although the white turquoise is called white pine, but in fact it is a great production, texture loose, basically no collection value.

But the color can not be completely as the turquoise price of the judging factors, in addition to color, the texture is also an important factor affecting its price, in general, the price of turquoise but also to determine all aspects of elements. In the purchase of turquoise when the combination of various factors to be integrated.

Jade Buddha pendant in the market is very common, but also the current popular fashion elements, attracting a lot of people to choose to buy. What is the price of jade Buddha pendant? What are the price factors that affect it?

We generally divided the two categories of jade Buddha, gold-plated and no gold inlaid two, with precious metal mosaic to match the platinum necklace to wear more beautiful. There is no precious metal inlaid jade jade jewelry prices than gold in the gold is lower, because the cost of the mosaic of the cost and wages, then we have to focus on the following discussion has not been inlaid jade Buddha pendant price, jade Buddha pendant price is how much? What are the factors that affect the price of jade pendant?


Jade Buddha pendant price is how much


1, low-grade jade pendant Price: the price of 100 to 2,000 yuan, such jade is not bright colors, mostly gray-blue, gray-black, gray and yellow, transparency is not good, are machine mold batch production, rough lines The


2, middle and low jade pendant Price: price 2000 ~ 10000 yuan, such jade Buddha color uniform, fine jade, translucent above, up to ice species, mostly colorless, very little color, or for the floating , Carving more fine

What are the factors that affect the price of jade pendant?


1, the size of jade Buddha


The same jade jade Buddha, the greater the higher the price, because the more materials, if the double the price of jade will not just double your price, but much more than doubled, especially Good jade is now more and more difficult to find, a little out of the price of jade will be much higher;


2, jade Buddha’s fluttering


Jade Buddha’s fluttering is very common, jade Buddha’s drift is the best floating in the Buddha’s belly, should not be floating in the Buddha’s face, is the Buddha’s disrespect, but also very affect the beautiful. The more delicate jade, floated the color of the more brilliant and more expensive, such as: Gone with the Wind than the blue flowers of the Buddha to be expensive;


3, the color of jade Buddha


The color of jade is varied, the price from high to low colors are: emerald green, apple green, yellow and green, light green, yellow, purple, white, blue, black. Emerald is the best of the most precious jade in a color, usually not a large presence, even in the filament distribution in the jade Buddha, the price will not be low.


4, the transparency of jade Buddha


The more transparent the price of jade is also the higher natural, like glass, ice cubes as transparent as the high-end goods, also known as the “old pit”, refers to a very good way to say jade, followed by like agate Or lotus root powder as translucent jade Buddha, is also a high-end goods, once again is the transparency of the jade Buddha is not good, the price is relatively low, this type of jade Buddha’s color will usually be darker, Recommended reading: what is www.jeweltree.co the head of jade.


In addition to these, of course, the price of jade pendant is also affected by some other factors, the purchase should be more see more.

What are the colors of Hetian?


First, white, from white to white, called a lot, and the metaphor is also very like, with seasonal white, paraffin white, white belly, pear white, white and so on. White jade and Hetian jade in the high-end jade, it is made of jade expensive, ancient also used for the emperor. White by color can also be divided into suet jade and green jade.


Second, topaz, the matrix is white, due to long-term surface water iron oxide diafiltration in the gap to form a yellow tone. According to the color change named: dense wax yellow, millet yellow, okra yellow, yellow flower yellow, egg yolk and so on. Colorful thick wax, okra yellow very rare, its value can be resistant to suet white jade.


Three, ink jade: gray – black and nephrite varieties, color factor is because it contains a certain amount of graphite inclusions, due to the amount of different graphite, black shades uneven distribution. When jade is caught in some jade jade commonly known as “blue and white jade”.


Four, blue: color light green, green, gray are called jade, color uniform net, delicate texture, was fat-like luster. Rich reserves, is the history of jade collection or mining of the main varieties.

Why Hetian has a different color?


The main reason is that it changes in the trace elements inside, and caused by different colors, and after testing a clear law. Such as white jade, green white jade, jade change is calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide gradually reduced, while the iron oxide gradually increased. Other chemical composition also has a certain law, although the change is not, but it can cause the color of Hetian different.

Such as the chemical composition of jade jade and jade similar to, but the carbon dioxide up to 1.43% much higher than Hetian jade, jadeite ink content was significantly higher. Some of the above exist, can change the face of Hetian, such as the amount of cr, both the formation of the root causes of Hetian.


What is the color of Hetian?


Enthusiastic friends 1 answer: white jade is best, not white, such as strong and snow but delicate and moist, with the word it, fine intrinsic!


Enthusiastic friends 2 answer: Hetian jade color there are many kinds, including white jade, jade, ink jade, green jade, topaz, etc., which suet jade, yellow price is very high, other colors are good quality is not cheap.


Enthusiastic users 3 answer: Hetian jade, of course, the more white the better, but also divided into many types, and nephrite is limited to Xinjiang region, a seed material and mountain water, Hetian area out of the material, good white, the price is amazing