GENEVE What brand of watches? Compared to this is a lot of friends do not specifically understand the hearts of a question. Which in the end GENEVE watch brand what is the following let the watch home for you to answer it!

What is the brand?

In fact, GENEVE is not a watch brand, it represents the “Geneva mark”!

Geneva Seal (Geneva Seal) from the 1886 enacted the “Geneva law”, the purpose is to ensure that the origin of the craftsmen and craftsmen. Geneva stamps only issued in the Geneva region produced watches and clocks, only to carry hand-built and automatically winding the mechanical movement of the clock and clocks to be honored in the movement of the splint engraved with the “eagle and key” badge logo (pictured) , Although not the Geneva mark is not necessarily a good table, but in line with the Geneva imitation Cartier bracelet mark the standard is almost representative of the tabulation process of the highest level of sophistication. “Geneva law” after several changes, there are 12 provisions, the provisions of the movement of the production standards, although some parts are purely for the decoration and the development, for example, the edge of all steel parts must be polished, smooth surface, The head must be polished or rounded, and all visible edges and slits must go to the corner; the movable gear must be artificially modified and then polished with boxwood and so on. Although these 12 rules do not agree with every watchmaker or manufacturer, but can fully show that the watch depends entirely on manual completion.

First rule:

(1A) all parts of the movement, including the addition of mechanical devices, the process must meet the stringent requirements of 12 rules, and accept the sampling test. That is, all parts of metal materials and additional machine parts, the surface must be flattened, the edge must be cut angle polishing, all parts of the inner and sides must be polished.

(1B) The edges of all steel parts must be chamfered, polished, polished to make it mirror-like. All the edges and notches of the screw cap must be cut and the screw ends are either flat or spherical.

The second rule:

(2) In addition to the barrel, the winding shaft and the center wheel of the center wheel of the shaft can not be equipped with ruby, all other movement wheel, escapement, horse and balance wheel must be equipped with ruby bearings, Must be highly polished, and gear contact with the plane must be done arc polishing, at least to do the plane polishing, in order to reduce the friction area. Ruby center hole must have a bell mouth of the oil tank, and a high degree of polishing to avoid the loss of oil diffusion, and the ruby of the periphery must be concave and polished landscaping treatment. Escapement wheel and the best of the same as the balance of the horse, there are tiles, so that friction to a minimum, at least the escape wheel to have up and down the stone.

The third rule:

(3) gossamer must use Breguet-style double blue steel gossamer, ultra-thin movement using a single layer of blue steel gossamer can also be accepted. The swing head on the balance wheel must be fastened with a single head with round neck, a free-sliding movable metal plate, or an adjustable propeller bolt.

Fourth Rule:

Gossamer, that is, the speed indicator pin must be fixed and can be fine-tuned (such as gooseneck Replica Cartier jewelry spinner), ultra-thin movement is no need to fine-tune the needle speed device. If there is no need for slow needle design, the balance wheel must be fine-tuning speed of the compensation screw, and at least two or four new beryllium-nickel alloy pottery compensation balance wheel, or at least 4 or 8 can be fine-tuning speed, no compensation The circular light of the screw, in modern times is acceptable.

Fifth Rule:

Driving the balance wheel rotation of the swing disc, adjust the structure of the beat and the speed of the needle and other mechanisms and parts, must meet the requirements of the rules 1A and 1B.

Sixth rule:

All gear train gears and their supporting beams must be chamfered, and small crevices, must be polished. Thickness equal to or less than 0.15 mm of the gear, you can only cut the corner grinding side, the drive ring after grinding. If the gear thickness is greater than 0.15 mm, both sides of the gear must be chamfered.

Seventh rule:

All wheel sets of steel gears and their cross-section, all the end of the axle and its pole to do mirror polishing. That is to say all the gears of the transmission gears must be polished, the steel gears including all parts must be mirror polished to make it dazzling, and not because of capillary phenomenon and the loss of oil diffusion. When the ruby and the axis are mirror polished, the friction will be reduced, the oil will be due to the cohesion of the physical effects and condensed into a ball, not because of the rough surface, so that oil due to the phenomenon of pores caused by the loss of loss. Eighth Rule:

In the escapement structure, the escapement wheel must be light, the horse is best to have a balance device itself. If the length of the escapement wheel is not more than 0.16 mm and the movement is less than 18 mm, the length of the escapement wheel shall not exceed 0.13 mm. Escapement wheel lock horse ruby parts must be polished to promote the horse’s ruby teeth must be done mirror polished polished, the only way to effectively reduce the friction resistance, the oil will not be due to the phenomenon of the pores and the proliferation of physical loss. The friction surface of the balance wheel and the horse’s ruby should be between 0.07 mm and 0.03 mm, the smaller the friction area, the less the loss of kinetic energy, the best effect of releasing energy, and of course only the finest steel to achieve high efficiency Long best condition.

The ninth rule:

In the structure of the leveraged escapement system, the horse swings about the release of energy, driving the balance wheel at the same time, to stop the horse’s positioning mechanism must be limited by the fixed-type splint, regardless of the motherboard or horse board are acceptable, but Components that can not be moved or moved at will. Which has a two inlaid with two rubies as a horse lattice in the positioning of the most advanced structure, and prohibit the use of pegs can be fine-tuned eccentric bolts.

The tenth rule:

All movements must be equipped with shockproof devices. A hundred years of pocket watch and a lot of movement between 1940 and 1970 marked the Geneva mark, such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin watches did not install a shock absorber at the time, so this code may be added after 1970 to the provisions.

Rule 11:

The ratchet and crowns of the system structure must be made in accordance with the special provisions of the registered model. That is, drums, jigsaw trains and small steel wheels and large steel wheel bite, must be polished, so that the effort on the smooth labor. In order to achieve the purpose of rugged, small steel wheels to be vertical double-layer, the size of the best wheel is a bayonet-like teeth, which can be encountered in the antique high-level watches and clocks, almost all of the modern table with chamfering Tooth type.

Article 12:

Do not use springs to bend the wire. Movement of the spring with a spring performance, such as the clockwork, or drum Ji car, clutch spring, calendar and automatic train, three times, timekeeping, chronograph and calendar performance, the use of its parts spring Must be cut with a single piece of steel carving, grinding and polishing made of flexible and beautiful lines of the parts. Regardless of any component in the control action, must be spring back, spring shape even thin as paper, or long, or short, and must be fixed by the positioning nail, can not use the status quo or flat spring processing bending , Or with a screw-free spring instead