Watch manufacturer Germany Ziiiro company with a spiral pointer interpretation of the passage of time, to create this simple and stylish color watch Gravity, Gravity series of silicone strap can be replaced, close the watch when showing a translucent surface effect. This is by the designer Robert Dabi brought the whirlpool watch, its pointer is replaced by two color whirlpool, from the head to the tail gradually from the Ming and dark, which began to represent the beginning of the clock, the beginning of the beginning of that minute The Modeling is very simple.

Wonderful fun, ZIIIRO Gravity watch introduction

ZIIIRO Gravity is a creative concept watch. No pointer no scale, but can easily and accurately indicate the time, this is the Gravity series of unique and innovative watch. Inner circle circle circle head instructions hours, outer circle circle circle head minutes, both inside and outside the ring imitation Cartier love bracelet constantly rotating change, which is its biggest creative place. Ziiiro Gravity series of watches made of silicone and stainless steel, bracelet design, with a certain flexibility and adjustable performance, the user can easily wear. And can be used with other series of silicone wristband exchange, there are a variety of color options. The current market price of an average of about 1200 yuan.

Watch the general people have, nothing more than the minute hand, hour and second hand, even the electronic watch, but also by the minutes and seconds of the number of composition. This watch by ZIIIRO design, there is no traditional pointer or number, but there are two different width of the whirlpool. Two constantly rotating whirlpool, respectively, on behalf of the hour and minute hand, which is a wide circle of the pointer, the outside of a narrow circle is the minute hand.

Support touch screen input, ZoomBoard watch comes!

With the development of smart watches, more and more manufacturers see the intelligence is brought about by the business opportunities. And now, smart watch products are very much. Want to seize the hearts of consumers, no point “really hard” really is not easy! Today, we want to recommend you to support a touch screen typing smart watch Zoomboard, take a look!

Support touch screen input, ZoomBoard watch comes!

ZoomBoard uses a full keyboard layout, which is to allow users to immediately be familiar with it. Its use is very simple. When you want to enter a letter, click on it with your finger, the keyboard size will become larger, so that the letters and their surrounding areas highlighted on the screen, and then you can accurately type the letters, type, the keyboard will automatically restore the original Size, waiting for the next click. Swipe up to bring up numbers and symbols, swipe right to enter spaces, swipe left to delete letters, long press a key to enter uppercase letters. You can according to their own needs to decide to enlarge the size, double-click will further increase the keyboard size. From the following video, we can see how to use ZoomBoard.

According to the development team’s report, through this Replica Cartier jewelry technology, in the 16 × 6 mm keyboard, the user can enter 9.3 words per minute, the accuracy rate with the traditional keyboard the same. In addition, Zoomboard will gradually increase the intelligence forecast, or use the new keyboard layout.

“You will not use it to write novels, but it will help you get your job done,” says Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Resources Interactive Department, a press release.

Zoomboard’s idea looks simple, but it is produced after careful and meticulous research, interested may wish to look at the report. About the input of smart watches, do you have other better ways?

Armani’s cheapest watch

Armani (Armani) in the country’s familiarity has even more than the original name of Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani). Armani is the world famous fashion brand, in 1975 by the fashion designer Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani) was founded in Milan, George Giorgio Armani is the largest in Europe, the European designer brand, he is the use of new fabrics and excellent production is known.

For Armani this international brand, we may think that Armani watches are very expensive, but in fact Armani watches are expensive and cheap. Just for the different objects.

Armani’s cheapest watch how much money

Armani watches are divided into two kinds: one is the pursuit of movement and parts accurate, the price is relatively high, more solemn style, generally more than 5,000 yuan, suitable for some hobbies watch manufacturing precision, the ultimate people and business people. Another is the pursuit of appearance, very fashionable range of children, the price is not expensive, generally around 1000-3000, more suitable for some of the pursuit of fashionable young people.

How much money is paid for Apache watches?

IK Apa is one of the three new brands under the new and sincere watch industry. Produced in Guangzhou, Guangdong, which is divided into alloy plating shell and steel shell two series. Quartz watch with the movement of Japan and Switzerland, mechanical watch used by the domestic manufacturers movement. How much is the offer for Apache?

Apaqi brand design concept: English name colouring is a variety of colors, plus IK composition of the Apache brand logo, but also tells the Apache brand watches are designed to design a variety of design-oriented Pa Qi watches, there are simple style, there are a variety of hollow, a calendar, the trend of fashion and so on.

With the new and sincere watch Industry Co., Ltd. to accelerate the development of Apaqi brand watches have also been rapid development. From a single section of the color developed into a variety of colors, by the various people of the hi empty, a calendar, the trend of fashion, etc., but also confirms the “IK colouring” a variety of color models Brand trademark design concept. At present the market price of Apa Qi are 200 yuan – 13,000 yuan between!